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Memory NT


Metrologically certified temperature recorders


Memory NT temperature recorders

They are metrologically certified temperature recorders. Models with 4 or 8 digital probes, freely extendable by the customer.

The main characteristics of Memory NT are as follows:

“Models with on-board printer.
“RS 485 Modbus connection for monitoring and data download.
“Optional cloud data storage service.
“USB port for configuration and data download.
“Storage time longer than 6 years with interval every 5 min, regardless of the number of probes.
“Wifi connection for data download with Eliwell cloud and customer cloud.
“GPRS connection via optional module.
“Buzzer and alarm relay.
“Large format backlit LCD display.

Additional information


Memory NT4 – 4S without printer, Memory NT4P – 4S with printer, Memory NT8 – 8S without printer, Memory NT8P – 8S with printer