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The product families are differentiated for distributors, installers and manufacturers, adapting to the needs of each activity.

Control algorithms make it possible to innovate in the energy saving of refrigerated cabinets, while also implementing functions such as LVD for cabinet protection. Eliwell quality guarantees the safety of fresh and deep-frozen food, while ensuring the best performance.



HVAC air conditioning

HVAC is one of the highest energy consumers in homes, offices and public buildings. A control system that correctly manages air conditioning and heating can reduce costs by up to 40%. Controlling the amount of cooling or heating that reaches a certain area allows us to better manage the energy budget and, at the same time, to adjust each room to its own needs, time of day or night, presence of people or external weather conditions.



The products for legal compliance with the regulations for systems subject to metrological control under ITC 3701/2006, R.D. 889/2006 and en12830. Its ttl communication port allows the programming of the parameter map by means of the Copy Card accessory.

By means of an external converter, they can be connected to the Eliwell Televis System monitoring system or to a third-party system via Modbus protocol.



Industrial automation

The automation of an industrial process as opposed to manual control, offers economic, social and technological benefits, such as ensuring an improvement in the quality of the operator's work and in the development of the process, the reduction of costs and maintenance times, the reduction of pollution and environmental damage or the increase in the safety of the facilities and workers.