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IC Plus 915


74×32 electronic controls of 2 Setpoints


“Control for processes.
“Improved visualization with larger display.
“Robust aesthetics and design.
“Allows Modbus communication.
“With two dependent or independent intervention points and the possibility to choose between different types of probes.
“Suitable for industry applications

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IC Plus 915 NTC/PTC 12V, IC Plus 915 NTC/PTC 12-24V, IC Plus 915 NTC/PTC 230V, IC Plus 915 J/K PT100 12V, IC Plus 915 J/K PT100 12-24V, IC Plus 915 J/K PT100 230V, IC Plus 915 V/I 12V, IC Plus 915 V/I 12-24V, IC Plus 915 V/I 230V