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tutorial cover How to unlock an IDNext

How to Unlock an IDNext is motivated by the request of a customer who in the last training we did in Eliwell Ibérica asked us for a very graphic video to show it to the rest of the team.

Said and done. We sent it to you and also thought it was a good material to share with the rest of our installer and/or distributor customers.

There are two ways of unlocking: fast and permanent way.

In the following tutorial we show you in the most graphic way how to unlock an IDNext electronic control. Follow the video instructions step by step.

If you still have any questions, please contact Eliwell Ibérica's technical service at:

sat@eliwell.es / 96 313 42 05


More about IDNext

IDNext is the new generation of refrigeration controls. Multiprobe thermostats suitable for use in appliances equipped with flammable refrigerants as they comply with the IEC 60 335-2-89 standard

IDNext is compatible with most models of variable speed compressors available on the market. Auto-tuning function allows for easy configuration of the control

IDNext features a new additional defrost algorithm that improves defrost performance and allows upgrading existing chillers without any hardware changes

IDNext is Green Premium, Shneider Electric's eco-mark that certifies that the product complies with RoHs Directive and REACH regulation.