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How to unlock IDNext

How to unlock IDNext

tutorial cover How to unlock an IDNext

How to Unlock an IDNext is motivated by the request of a customer who in the last training we did in Eliwell Ibérica asked us for a very graphic video to show it to the rest of the team.

Said and done. We sent it to you and also thought it was a good material to share with the rest of our installer and/or distributor customers.

There are two ways of unlocking: fast and permanent way.

In the following tutorial we show you in the most graphic way how to unlock an IDNext electronic control. Follow the video instructions step by step.

If you still have any questions, please contact Eliwell Ibérica's technical service at:

sat@eliwell.es / 96 313 42 05


More about IDNext

IDNext is the new generation of refrigeration controls. Multiprobe thermostats suitable for use in appliances equipped with flammable refrigerants as they comply with the IEC 60 335-2-89 standard

IDNext is compatible with most models of variable speed compressors available on the market. Auto-tuning function allows for easy configuration of the control

IDNext features a new additional defrost algorithm that improves defrost performance and allows upgrading existing chillers without any hardware changes

IDNext is Green Premium, Shneider Electric's eco-mark that certifies that the product complies with RoHs Directive and REACH regulation.




The power of energy efficiency


At Eliwell Ibérica we transform industrial and commercial facilities into more efficient environments.

At Eliwell Ibérica we strongly believe in the power of energy efficiency to improve facility management and reduce the environmental footprint. In this article we discuss how we lead the transformation of various facilities into more efficient and sustainable environments.

Our innovation in Domotics and Inmotics

At Eliwell Ibérica we are deeply committed to innovation in home and building automation. We use regulation and control electronics to establish a centralized technical management. This allows us to configure and automate processes in various facilities, resulting in greater control and self-management capabilities.

High precision measuring instruments

We develop and manufacture highly accurate and reliable measuring instruments for industrial applications. Our experience in control and thermoregulation has allowed us to achieve extreme configurability and flexibility to adapt to various applications.

Solutions for commercial and industrial refrigeration

Our company is a leader in the measurement of variables affecting the commercial and industrial refrigeration sector. Our products are ideal for industrial applications requiring highly reliable temperature control.

Commitment to energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a priority for us. Not only do we provide advanced products and technology, but we also work collaboratively with our customers to identify customized solutions that reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Ideas and solutions for energy efficiency:

Energy lighting management: Implementing intelligent lighting systems that automatically adjust to natural light and the presence of people can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Optimization of refrigeration installations: Giving the maximum efficiency and performance to the elements of the refrigeration installation, according to the working and environmental conditions, is how significant savings can be achieved, applying algorithms such as floating condensation, floating evaporation with the Televis Go for dew point control on the glass of commercial installations or by optimizing the operating point of the VEE according to the behavior of the evaporator by mathematical algorithm with the RTX Domino Zero.

HVAC optimization: Controlling and adjusting heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems according to actual demand can generate considerable savings.

Monitoring and data analysis: Use monitoring and data analysis systems to identify energy consumption patterns and areas for improvement with Televis Go, Compact Touch or IDM savings. Solutions that can be complemented with Schneider Electric BMS solutions of which we are integrators.

Renewable energy: Consider incorporating renewable energy sources, such as solar photovoltaic panels to reduce dependence on conventional energy sources.


At Eliwell Ibérica we are deeply committed to innovation in home and building automation, recognizing the potential of these technologies to have a positive environmental impact. We use regulation and control electronics to establish a centralized technical management. This allows us to parameterize and automate processes in various facilities, resulting in greater control efficiency and self-management capabilities.

We firmly believe that these solutions not only improve operational efficiency, but also have a significant impact on reducing energy consumption and lowering the carbon footprint of facilities. As more companies adopt efficient and sustainable technologies, we can look forward to a near future with greener facilities and a healthier environment for all.

For any technical-commercial inquiries, please contact comercial@eliwell.es .

Or call directly to 96 313 42 04 or to SAT 96 313 42 05

Come celebrate Eliwell Ibérica’s 30th anniversary at the C&R 2023 exhibition

Schedule this appointment! We will be waiting for you in Hall 7 Stand D03, from November 14 to 17, at the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Fair at IFEMA Madrid. It will be a very special edition and with great expectations, as the International Exhibition of the HVACR industry air conditioning, ventilation, heating, plumbing and refrigeration in Spain celebrates its 20 anniversary. 

It is a wonderful setting to celebrate our anniversary. Eliwell Ibérica will actively participate in professional workshops and we will have a perfect stand for the occasion. This year we will once again be presenting many new products, providing, as always, practical, decisive and innovative ideas for the sector. After three decades of experience, we continue with the same excitement and dedication but with greater professionalism to offer the best Eliwell solutions for the control, monitoring and remote management of facilities. A company with a philosophy above all else: to work for and with the customer. 

The secrets of the Eliwell booth

Here are some of the secrets of the booth: Free Optima, Ewnext relays insrush, EWCM 9000 Pro+ EEVD EVV.  LKDNext, Televis Air SPC, Televis Go 10 - Ethernet adapter or Security Interface.  

During 4 days, the technical-commercial team from Eliwell Ibérica will be available for visitors to explain new products and present new technical solutions. These will not be the only surprises we are preparing. Are you going to miss it?

C&R industry showcase

C&R23 brings together, every two years, all the professionals of the national and international sector. This year the concern is more than evident for the implications of the FGAS regulation in the design of installations, energy efficiency of buildings, zero emissions and CAEs (energy savings certificates). 

Undoubtedly, the 20th edition of this International Exhibition, the absolute showcase of the sector, will serve to give maximum visibility to all these problems.

About Eliwell Ibérica:

We are a Spanish company, located in Valencia, with presence in all the Iberian Peninsula, which distributes the Italian brand Eliwell by Schneider Electric. Both companies are internationally renowned and have a solid business track record in designing control systems and services for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, both commercial and industrial, thanks to technologically advanced innovative products. Our goal is to help implement new systems that optimize sustainability and energy efficiency. 

But the company's main distinguishing feature is its know-how. Our added value is the people who make up Eliwell Ibérica. A group force coordinated by the best professionals in the sector that allows us to offer a personalized technical attention and a close service that differentiates us from the rest.

Eliwell and Momplet

The name Eliwell is inextricably linked to the Momplet family. The initial establishment of the Italian brand Eliwell in Spain is due to the Valencian entrepreneur Eduardo Momplet Martínez, founder of the Momplet business group in the 80s dedicated to the refrigeration sector. 

For more than two decades, Eliwell Ibérica has been managed by his son, Eliwell Ibérica. Carlos Momplet Vivas, businessman and electronics engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Innate leadership, consistency and experience gained after many years at the head of different companies, always related to the engineering and refrigeration sector. Highlights: Tewis Smart System and Zanotti Smart Solutions, of the Daikin group.  

30 years of a long journey that we want to celebrate with you. We look forward to seeing you at C&R2023. Please do not hesitate to ask for a ticket.

Contact us:

Marketing&Communication Eliwell Ibérica

(+34) 96 313 42 04



Electrical boxes for cold rooms

Electrical boxes for cold rooms

The most complete and customizable solution for your cold room

The controllers and electrical boxes of the KDX-EVA and EVA-AIR series allow, in a single device, to manage all the functions of a static or ventilated cold room with electronic or thermostatic expansion valves and with both single-phase and three-phase devices.
The box, with an innovative design to be installed on board, combines ease of installation, water resistance and the possibility of housing inside all the necessary electromechanical devices - easily accessible in the versions with front panel door - for the correct control and protection of the cold room services.

Initial setup is quick and easy through the preloaded applications and by connecting to the control with the Eliwell AIR application (available for EVA-AIR). This operation allows an advanced configuration that increases the efficiency of the cold room more quickly.
The range complies with the European directives EN61439-EN60204 applicable to low voltage switchboards for on-board applications.
Large LED display allows constant monitoring of the camera's status

Would you like more information? Download our complete catalog here.