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What does Energy Flex offer an HVAC installer?

What does Energy Flex offer an HVAC installer?

Eliwell's Energy Flex universal controls for air conditioning machines up to two circuits are very useful for installers of air conditioning machines. Easy to install, maintain, operate and good value for money.

Ease of installation, compatibility with various HVAC equipment and support for communication protocols, intuitive user interface, energy efficiency, security, availability...

Eliwell Ibérica offers configuration support and parameterization service before shipping the control.

Energy Flex are universal controllers for air conditioning machines up to two circuits.

Technical characteristics of the Energy Flex universal control


Before discussing the applications and services of this equipment, let's take a closer look at the technical characteristics of the Energy Flex, depending on the model:
SB - SD - SC
- For air conditioning up to 2 circuits.
- Management of scroll, semi-hermetic, screw compressors up to 4 power steps with balancing of operating hours including compressors of different power.
- Automatic changeover summer winter.
- Compatible with Modbus and Televis.
- Adaptive function for chiller without storage tank.
- Intelligent management of compressors of different power to adapt to the demand according to CTE.
- Compressor control with frequency inverter and primary water pump with frequency inverter.
- Free Cooling - Free Heating.
- Power limitation.
- Alarm history.
- For air conditioning with DHW management.
- ACS with self-adaptive intervention point.
- Anti-legionella function in selected time slots.
- Daily and weekly management.
- Inverter compressor management.
- Possibility of managing an auxiliary boiler.

- For underfloor heating/cooling.
- Thermoregulation on ambient or external probe according to configuration.
- Dynamic intervention point.
- Management by time slots.
- Controls up to 2 zones.
- Control of 1 modulating or 3-point mixing valve.
- Memorization of the alarm history.

Applications of the Energy Flex, universal air conditioning controller for an Air-to-Air/Water-to-Air/geothermal probe circuit
Applications of the Energy Flex, universal controller for air conditioning. a Water-Water/Water-Air/Water-Air circuit/ Chiller/Geothermal probe
Applications of the Energy Flex, universal controller for air conditioning machines for two circuits:<br />
air-to-air<br />
water-air<br />
geothermal probe<br />
water-water<br />
water-air<br />
chiller<br />
geothermal probe

What does a climate installer look for in a universal controller like the Energy Flex?

An installer looking to use a universal HVAC controller with up to two circuits considers several key issues:

Ease of Installation: Modular design, simplified connectivity and complete documentation.
2. Compatibility: Ability to work with various HVAC equipment and support for standard communication protocols such as Modbus.
3. Intuitive User Interface: Graphical display, navigation keys and software tools for configuration and adjustment.
4. Advanced Control Functions: Precise control algorithms (such as PID) and flexible programming.
5. Energy Efficiency: Energy saving functions and monitoring and reporting capabilities.
6. Reliability and Safety: Diagnostics and alarms, as well as integrated protections against adverse conditions.
7. Technical Support and Upgrades: Technical assistance available and firmware upgrade capability.
8. Cost and Availability: Good value for money and ease of acquisition.
9. Flexibility and Scalability: Adaptability to different projects and expansion options.
10. Regulatory and Standards Compatibility: Compliance with regulations and presence of relevant certifications.

These aspects ensure that the controller is effective, easy to install, maintain and operate, which is crucial for professional installers.

Energy Flex universal control applications

Main applications of the universal climate control, Energy Flex
Universal air conditioning controllers for up to 2 circuits are designed to manage and optimize air conditioning systems in both residential and commercial applications. These are some of its main applications:
Air Conditioning Systems: They can control air conditioning units with up to two cooling circuits, regulating the temperature and humidity of the environment to maintain comfortable conditions.
Heat Pump: Manage heat pumps that provide both heating and cooling, adjusting the parameters to maximize energy efficiency and user comfort.
3. Central Air Handling Units (ATU): Control air handling units that regulate the climate in large buildings, adjusting parameters such as temperature, humidity and air quality.
4. Chillers: Monitor and control chillers that cool water or a refrigerant liquid for air conditioning systems and industrial processes, ensuring optimum performance and energy efficiency.
5. Multizone Climate Control Systems: These systems allow the management of climate control systems in buildings with multiple zones, each with its own temperature and humidity requirements, providing precise and centralized control.
6. Integration with Energy Management Systems: Integrate with energy management systems to optimize energy consumption, reducing operating costs and improving environmental sustainability.

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