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RTX 600 /VS Domino


Advanced controls with step-by-step V.E.E. management and energy-saving algorithms


“Optimized control for low overheating.
“One and the same model for Eliwell SXVB valves and other makes (step-by-step)
“Pre-loaded configurations for furniture and cold rooms.
“Fast synchronization of ducted furniture and refrigerated islands.
“Battery module for valve closure in case of power failure for SXVB (body 1 and 2) and other valves (see manual).
“Auxiliary power supply input for transformer for SXVB valves (bodies 3 and 4) and other valves (see manual).
“Intelligent management of defrosting for energy savings and better food preservation.
“Control of frame heating elements/fogging resistors.

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RTX 600 /VS Domino