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HVAC probes


Temperature, humidity, CO₂, pressure sensors.


“Wall sensors.
“Duct sensors.
“Humidity and temperature transmitters in continuous high humidity.
“Differential pressure transmitters (DPT).
“Differential pressure switches.

Additional information


Wall Temp. NTC and Hume. 4..20mA, Wall Temp. and Hume. 4..20mA, Wall CO₂ and Temp. 4..20mA, Wall Temp. Hume. and CO₂ 0-10V, Duct Temp. NTC, Duct Temp. NTC and Hume. 4..20mA, Duct Temp. NTC and CO₂ 4..20mA, High hum. continuous Temp. and Hume. 4..20mA, Differential Pressure 0-250, Differential Pressure 0-2500, Differential Pressure 0-7000, Differential Pressure with Display, Pressure switch 30-300 Pa, Pressure switch 30-500 Pa, Pressure switch 40-600 Pa, Pressure switch 100-1500 Pa, Pressure switch 500-4500 Pa