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Eliwell Ibérica launches a new catalog of regulation and control solutions for cold rooms. A new series that combines safety and innovation, guaranteeing maximum quality and efficiency in installations.

This catalog presents Integral Solutions that combine utilities such as the locked-in person alarm with optical and acoustic signaling, gas leak detection, metrological thermometer, HACCP event log with annual calendar, Pump Down, programmed defrosting, complete electrical panel, detection and signaling with installations with two refrigerant circuits with different types of gas, remote management, etc.

These products offer specific solutions for installations that house preservation, freezing and deep-freezing chambers, processing rooms, bakeries and machine rooms in companies with industrial activities, logistics platforms, retail and small businesses.

Eliwell Ibérica compiles in this catalog a range of options that provide the installer with a simple, complete and easy solution for the adaptation of new or existing cold rooms, to comply with standards such as the Royal Decree 138/2011 on refrigeration installations.

These solutions are presented in two different formats:

  • Incorporated within the control, with the new Coldface NT.
  • No built-in control. Suitable for cameras that do not require it, mainly for upgrading existing cameras.

The Integral Solutions catalog is completed with the Memory 1000E approved recorder for compliance with the ITC 3701/2006 – RD 889/2006 metrological regulations.

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