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New Eliwell Ibérica Catalog with Eliwell/Ranco 2018 price list.

All our products and solutions to solve any measurement and control need that may arise in the installation.

Among the new products, the following stand out:



Advanced V.E.E. RTX 600/V DOMINO controller for transcritical CO2 installations.

Chamber controls for transcritical CO2 installations; Coldface Touch Domino.

Three-phase cold room control: EWRC 5000 NT.

ADVANCE 4 DIN programmable controls.

Touch system for remote control and management of Compact Touch installations.

EWHS humidity probes.

Touch screens with built-in AVP sensors.

Fan Coil FC AVAC controls.

EVE 6000 / 10200 Expansions

Televis Blue PLUS with commands included.

Download it now in PDF and remember, our technical department SAT is available to answer any technical, installation or system configuration questions.

The new tariff will come into effect on 11/06/2018.