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comfort-temico-eliwellIt is obvious that whoever opens the door of a store every day has the objective of attracting the public in order to sell. If, in addition to advertising and decoration, once inside the store, the shopping experience is so comfortable that the customer increases his time inside the store, the possibility of increasing his purchase ticket is even greater.

Have you ever taken shelter from a windstorm or storm while walking through the aisles of a supermarket or department store? Have you noticed how shopping mall traffic increases on a rainy weekend?

Thermal comfort at the point of sale is one of the most widely used merchandising techniques since it is a global concept that involves aspects such as:

The location of doors and the air currents generated.

Lighting, which together with the cooling machines give off heat.

The required temperature in the refrigerated and frozen areas.

The level of affluence and the delimitation of spaces, being the height of the ceilings and the exterior insulation key factors for the establishment of an air conditioning plan that really works and is perceptible by the client.

In the case of supermarkets, solutions such as mixed installations that integrate air conditioning and refrigeration systems allow for feedback between them, obtaining better performance and thermal comfort in the store.

At this point, centralized control of factors such as temperature, humidity, lighting system and even energy efficiency is essential. Among the ELIWELL products, we have control devices for points of sale of any surface even with the possibility of controlling several stores from a central standardized system that allows to reduce maintenance costs.

If you are considering how to implement the best refrigeration and air conditioning system in your store, do not hesitate to contact our sales technicians: by mail comercial@eliwell.es or by phone 96 313 42 04.