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EWNext P/R advanced control for high-efficiency refrigerated cabinets

EWNext P/R advanced control for high-efficiency refrigerated cabinets

Photo of the new EWnext P/R control for high-efficiency refired cabinets. With the control features added to the picture

Energy labeling and eco-design for sustainable refrigeration

Eliwell has enhanced its range of EWNext Performance series controls with the new advanced EWNext P/R models, where the R refers to specific inrush relays with certified capability. Designed for refrigerators with on-board compressor, the new products maintain the feeling of the EWNext range by integrating the possibility of driving capacitive loads, such as electronic fans or LED light sources. In this way, the new controls can power these types of loads in the safest and most appropriate way.

The new proposal responds to the specific EcoDesign requirements of energy-efficient enclosure manufacturers, who are always looking for flexible, high-performance solutions with minimal environmental impact.

Like residential refrigeration, industrial and commercial refrigeration is increasingly forced to comply with the specifications dictated by Energy Labeling, which certifies the consumption of refrigeration equipment. Eliwell has therefore chosen to certify the outputs of its new EWNext P/R controls according to IEC/UL 61810-1 Clause D3, specific for inrush loads. On the label and documentation accompanying the new regulators, the possibility of supplying capacitive loads in terms of peak current and delivery time is indicated.

Five models for every need of EWnext P/R

The range consists of five EWNext models: from EWNext 971 to EWNext 978, from 25 A inrush current up to a maximum of 70 A.
For simpler applications, such as commercial refrigerators, models with 1 inrush relay are sufficient, while for more complex requirements, such as the simultaneous management of fans and power supplies for LED lighting systems, the model with 2 inrush relays is available.
For speed and flexibility in wiring, you can choose between screw or disconnectable terminals, 230Vac or 115Vac power supply, clock or internal buzzer.

Complementary accessories

EWNext P/R also has a range of accessories:

    • Wide Adapter, available with or without side switches, is designed for installation in existing furniture.
    • ECNext is a remote display that can be connected to EWNext controls to meet the application needs of refrigerated showcases.

The new family of controls is compatible with Eliwell Air and TelevisGo monitoring systems.

































Table with the different modes of the EWnext advanced control for high-efficiency refrigerated cabinets