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Televis Blue


Cloud-based monitoring system for small and medium-sized installations


“Cloud-based monitoring system especially dedicated for small and medium-sized systems.
Collection of web-accessible data.
“Pre-activated kit for simplicity and speed.
“Renewable annually. In case of voluntary termination of the license, the data can be consulted for another 12 months.
“From 5 to 500 monitored resources depending on the model.
“Recording interval configurable from 5min. to 1 day.
“Synchronization interval with the cloud configurable between 5min. and 1 day.
“Two categories of predefined alarms:
– Configurable thresholds for each resource.
– Immediate notification (optional) when the instrument alarm disappears.
“Alarm notification by email to multiple recipients for each category.
“Sending of PDF reports by email. Configurable in daily, weekly or monthly packages.
“Collects and transfers information for 12 months from the first activation.
“No download or update required. Just log in to the website
Eliwell takes care of updating the software, publishing new features and updating the online manual.
It uses only the protected M2M mobile data connection itself to transfer information from the installation without the need for any additional configuration.
“Systems not subject to metrological control ITC 3701/2006.

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Televis Blue Plus 005-1Y 2G, Televis Blue Plus 025-1Y 2G, Televis Blue Plus 050-1Y 2G, Televis Blue Plus 150-1Y 2G, Televis Blue Plus 250-1Y 2G, Televis Blue Plus 500-1Y 2G