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RV Series


4-way reversing valves


The 4-way reversing valves are the key component to ensure heating and cooling of an air-conditioned environment by reversing the refrigerant.
“They are used for room air conditioning, central air conditioning systems, compact air conditioners and CR units for defrosting applications.
“They are designed for systems with capacities ranging from 1 kW to 560 kW.
“They are suitable for most refrigerants, such as R404A, R407C, R410A, R134a.
“The design of the valves also ensures minimum pressure drop and minimal losses. Available models offer a wide range of connections, configurations and capabilities for specific applications.
“All models are individually packaged for flexibility in purchase and use.

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RV01AD08050000, RV01BD06050000, RV01AD08060000, RV02BD08060000, RV02DD10060000, RV03ED12080000, RV06AD12080000, RV06AD14080000, RV06AD14100000, RV06AD14120000, RV10AD14120000, RV10AD18140000, RV12FD220T0000, RV15AD18140000, RV20AP20160000, RV20AP22180000, RV30AP24200000, RV40AP2824240000, RV50AP34240000