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EWCM EO 8900-9100-9900


Advanced controls for compressor/fan plants


“Smooth regulation of compressor drive systems, with regulation of the oscillations and on/off cycles of the compressors in stages.
“Floating condensation with external temperature probe and condenser liquid return probe.
“Modulated suction intervention point with in-store temperature probe.
“Configurable digital input for reduced and modulated set point activation on suction and delivery.
“Combined digital and inverter systems, even in case of inverter failure (phantom compressor).
“Supply liquid subcooling by means of a pulsed or step-by-step expansion valve.
“Management of the plug&play electronic expansion module:
– V800 for liquid subcooling.
– V910 for CO₂ plate heat exchanger.
“Oil heating or cooling, with the possibility of injecting cold gas into the cylinder heads in environments with particularly difficult working temperatures.
“Electrical panel cooling with panel temperature probe.
“Modulated pump management and flow controller diagnostics for plants with indirect expansion systems and secondary fluids (e.g. Glycol).
“Local/remote machine shutdown and status display.
“Device Manager for configuration with serial or USB Copy Card.

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EWCM 8900 EO, EWCM 9100 EO, EWCM 9900 EO