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EW Plus EO Smart Control 974


Energy-saving controls with self-learning algorithms

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“Thermostat with self-learning algorithm for refrigeration unit operation.
“Suitable for plug-in furniture.
“Specific algorithms for open and closed bottle coolers.
“Prolongs appliance life and reduces maintenance.
Protects the compressor from overheating.
Maximum pressure switch management in CO₂ applications.
4 predefined configurations for quick installation.
“Virtual micro-door sensor.
“Direct control of loads up to 2HP.
“Removable / Faston / screw terminals for quick wiring.
“UNICARD USB for customizations.
“Compatible with environmentally friendly refrigerants R290, R600, in accordance with IEC 60079-15-2005.
“Initiation of the self-learning process by pressing a button.
“No time schedules are required.

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EW Plus EO Smart Control 974