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EM Plus 600


Electronic indicators 74×32


“Plus series aesthetics.
“The V/I version has icons to show temperature, humidity and pressure and can also offer no icon (neutral).
“Compatible with Televis Go.
“Management of an alarm threshold.
“Programmable via UniCard and compatible with Device Manager.
“Televis protocol (without RVD) and Modbus protocol.

Additional information


EM Plus 600 NTC/PTC 12V, EM Plus 600 NTC/PTC 12-24V, EM Plus 600 NTC/PTC 230V, EM Plus 600 J/K PT100 12V, EM Plus 600 J/K PT100 12-24V, EM Plus 600 J/K PT100 230V, EM Plus 600 V/I 12V, EM Plus 600 V/I 230V