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It is obvious that the objective of anyone who opens the door of a shop every day is to attract public and sell. If, apart from the advertising and the décor, once the customer is inside the shop, we can make their purchasing experience so comfortable that they stay longer in the establishment, the possibility of greater spending is even higher.

Have you ever sheltered from a strong wind or a storm by walking among the aisles of a supermarket or superstores? Have you ever noticed that there is increased inflow of customers to shopping centres on rainy weekends?

Thermal Comfort in a sales outlet forms part of the most extended merchandising techniques, given that this is a global concept involving aspects such as:

The situation of the doors and the air flows generated.

The lighting, which, together with the refrigeration units give off heat.

The necessary temperature in refrigerated and frozen food areas.

The level of affluence and the definition of spaces, where the height of the ceilings and outside insulation are key factors in establishing an air conditioning plan that really works and can be appreciated by the client.

In the case of supermarkets, solutions such as mixed installations that include air conditioning and refrigeration systems allow feedback between them, thus obtaining a better performance and thermal comfort in the shop.

At this point, the centralised control of factors such as temperature, humidity, the lighting system and, even energy consumption efficiency, is vital. ELIWELL products include control devices for sales points on any type of surface. These even include the possibility of controlling several shops from a standardized control system that makes it possible to reduce maintenance costs.

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